Portrait Painting

Are you looking to preserve memories to cherish for a lifetime. Our professional artists are fully dedicated to make your special moments more exceptional. we understand the importance of every special memory, and that’s why we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.
From weddings and birthday milestones to retirement celebrations and family reunions, a live event painting is sure to be a cherished reminder of a special moment.
We Offer  
  • Portrait
  • Live Painting
  • Online Painting
  • Turn a favorite photo into hand-painted artwork
  • Compilation Painting (Merge different Photos to make a custom painting)
  • Make Graduation Day Complete (Share your graduation with lost loved ones)
  • Set The Scene (Put your loved one together with their favorite celebrities / personalities)
  • Connect Generations (Create a portrait of children with the grandparents they never got to meet
  • Bring Family Together (Transform multiple photos into one, Those who are alive and those who are gone)

How it Works

The process is super easy and swift.
  1. Fill out the form; Portrait Quote
  2. Receive a quote
  3. Confirm your Order
  4. Painting Day
  5. Receive your painting
  6. Make a payment           
How long will it take to complete a painting?
It depends on the portrait’s requirements and artist; the process may take 4 – 5 hours or more and 2- 3 days or more for finishing.
What if the subject will get tired in the same posture for a painting?
Our artist will give several short breaks (10 – 20 minutes) to feel relax or grab snacks. The purpose is to make this process easy, relaxing and pleasant for the subject.
How long will it take to deliver my painting? 
Paintings are usually shipped or personally delivered within 2 – 3 days.
When will I pay?
You will pay on the day of receiving a painting.
How to pay?
Preferably in cash or through a bank transfer is also acceptable.
Who are the artists? 
Our artists belong to different countries; Australia, Canada, France and Japan.